Vermillion, South Dakota
Economic Development

Close to Everything. Far From Ordinary. 

Located right in the middle of the country, Vermillion lies in the heart of possibility. Next to several metropolitan areas, along interstate I-29 and between I-90 and I-80, Vermillion is perfectly situated for wherever your products or people need to go. Access to numerous skilled labor pools and a continuously growing flagship University right in your backyard guarantees you’ll get the quality full-time, part-time and seasonal workforce your company needs to sustain long-term growth.





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To learn more about the benefits of being a member of the Vermillion community, contact Nate Welch, Executive Director at 605.624.5571 or complete our online form on the Contact Us page.


News & Press Releases

29 Mar

Vermillion VTC at Full Occupancy

26 Jun

Boston-based, Senscio Systems Announces Expansion to Vermilion

05 May

Commerce Street Addition

15 Apr

Community of the Year

11 Apr

Vermillion Technology Center

11 Jul

CNBC Names South Dakota Top State For Business

09 Jul

Vermillion Featured in Bakken Publication

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