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News & Press Releases

29 Mar

Vermillion VTC at Full Occupancy

26 Jun

Boston-based, Senscio Systems Announces Expansion to Vermilion

05 May

Commerce Street Addition

15 Apr

Community of the Year

11 Apr

Vermillion Technology Center

11 Jul

CNBC Names South Dakota Top State For Business

09 Jul

Vermillion Featured in Bakken Publication

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Bottom Line Savings

We get it. By it, we mean cutting out the taxes, barriers and hoops you have to jump through to start and run a successful business. In Vermillion, we know business, and we make it simple to build, sustain and grow your company in this economy and environment of overregulation.

10 ways Vermillion will save you money immediately:

  1. No business inventory tax, corporate income tax, personal property tax, personal income tax or inheritance tax 
  2. Central location in U.S. 
  3. Space in the right place for the right price
  4. Minimal union activity in a right-to-work state
  5. Workforce training and development through accredited sites and universities
  6. Access to quality and affordable healthcare
  7. Workman’s Compensation savings of 52% over rates in MN and 13% over rates in CA
  8. Direct access to local and state leaders
  9. 4G network connectivity that rivals places like North Carolina’s Research Triangle and northern California
  10. Affordable cost of living