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Commerce Street Addition


The Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company (VCDC), in cooperation with Midwest Ready Mix and the City of Vermillion, recently completed an infrastructure expansion on the North East section of Vermillion.  This new infrastructure, known as Commerce Street, is a designated trucking route that has created a direct entry point into previously inaccessible land.

Commerce Street is located adjacent to Midwest Ready Mix and across Highway 50 from Johnson Feed. This street allows access approximately 15 acres of industrial land to the east of the street and creates more opportunity for growth in Vermillion.

“It’s hard to predict what the next business will be looking for, when considering to relocate to Vermillion or South Dakota.  But no matter what that business is, they want to know a community is serious about being ready for them.  While simple roads and infrastructure aren’t extremely exciting, they are proof to businesses that we are not only interested in them coming to town – we are ready!” said VCDC Executive Director, Nate Welch.